Elspeth Veronica

Elspeth Veronica, named after nobody,
nobody that you'd know
Sits very quietly, shows you her pedigree,
smiles when you need it most

How could you not fall in love with a girl
who's worth her weight in big, blue eyes?

Elspeth Veronica, wide-eyed and tie-dyed,
sings at the coffee shop downtown
Sings very quietly, but if you listen carefully,
you'll hear the beating of the sweetest heart

Elspeth Veronica dreams of a house[1] with me
with turrets and stained glass
Books in the library, smoke in the double chimney,
bunnies in the backyard

Elspeth Veronica, not one for subtlety,
grabs your esophagus and squeezes[2]
Loves unconditionally, blames the economy,
curls up with Dostoyevsky[3] on my comfy chair

  1. This song was one of nearly a dozen other "Dream House" songs written on a mountain in Yosemite during a South Yosemite Mountain Guides High Sierra trip. One became the title track for an album, even. ↩︎

  2. Thankfully, that specific habit was broken a little after age 1. ↩︎

  3. If there was a way to work in this W&G gag into the song, I would have done it. ↩︎

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