Good-Byer's Remorse

On the other hand, maybe I'll work late after all
And a cheeseburger for breakfast would be swell
A vacation at The Vineyard sounds like an awful plan
On the other hand, father, maybe I don't

I'll admit we had some good times, picnics by the lake
And you taught me to appreciate Van Gogh
Since I had you at "hello," that's why there's no Good-Byer's remorse[1]
When I say, father, maybe I don't

You said those days were magic, wandering[2] the trails
Of the County Wildlife Preservation Ranch
When the wolves approached us, then I held you close because
That's what you needed then, but now, father maybe I don't

  1. The first half of this songwriting challenge: "Good-Byer's remorse"... courtesy Tim Bluhm. ↩︎

  2. The second half of this songwriting challenge: "magic wand"... courtesy Steve Poltz. ↩︎

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