High Risk, High Reward

When I close my eyes, there's a spot that lingers[1]
As round as a dime, as pink as the moon
He's my little friend, goes wherever I go
Sleeps when I sleep, trips when I fall

Doctors say the laser's warm, it's time to cut the cord
High risk, high reward

There's a school of thought, there's a magic number
Of boys you can kiss[2], of girls you should know
Until you sit right down in a sushi restaurant[3]
With your very best friend, ask "never ever let me go"

In the game of life there is no goalie, no scoreboard
Just high risk, high reward

Low risk, low reward: like a hug from your sister.
Low risk, high reward: like going to a Coen brothers movie[4].
High risk, low reward: that's like sitting in a sushi restaurant with the love of your life...
and ordering the sashimi.

Now that I can see as clear as a crystal
As far as the Hubble, like a fox in the night
I can see that home is the house where you're living
The bed where you're sleeping, where your like-a-bikes[5] lie

When your zip code starts to sound so absurd
I'm right there next to you, high risk, high reward.

  1. Apparently, CSR is one of those idiosymptomatic things that happens to truckers, airplane pilots, Peter Mulvey, and me. ↩︎

  2. Seriously, Cosmo? ↩︎

  3. Tsukasa had a good track record for this back in the day. Currently, I recommend Sushi Ota (try the still-moving amaebi sashimi, just for the spectacle of it all), Sushi Ai, Siam Paragon, and Sakura going from West to East. ↩︎

  4. There are some canon-worthy picks in their repertoire, thankfully a Lebowski sequel is more than a 10-foot-pole's reach away. ↩︎

  5. The Like-a-Bike. Best way to skip the training wheels stage. ↩︎

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