I Will Rule Your World

I will rule your world
From a tree house in the back
You'll forget about the
Places that you used to go on Saturdays
And take me to the zoo[1]

When I say "go"
You'll go any place I like
'Cause you can't imagine living if that living means
You'll never get to see me smile again

I will rule your world
With a soft little fist
And eyes that remind you of your last girlfriend[2]

You will love me more
Even than you love your mom
That car's a little sporty,
Don't you think you ought to
Trade it for a Volvo or a Saab[3]

Let's talk about your band
The one you like the best
They're terrible examples,
Can't we listen to They Might Be Giants[4]
Next time that you drive?

I will rule your world
With a soft little fist
And eyes that remind you of your last girlfriend

I will rule your world
With the tiniest kiss
The kind that makes you promise that your love won't end

I. Will. Rule. Your. World.

  1. While the similarity to Rhett Miller's Hover is unintentional, I'm prepared to give half the credit away in the spirit of interpolation, or whatever the Grammy people call this. Frankly, I think Sam Smith got off way easier than Robin Thicke, and may have stumbled on a clever way for lousy songwriters to share billing with great ones. ↩︎

  2. I see what you did there.
       -- you, probably ↩︎

  3. Saab used to make this list routinely when it was a Swedish make. ↩︎

  4. I was OK with TMBG releasing kid-oriented records. I was around for Ralph Covert's metamorphosis into Ralph's World. The neutering of the Bad Examples' R-rated material hurt me deeply, however. ↩︎

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