Laura & I

Laura and I are sweeping out the cobwebs on a Tuesday night
She looks the same but I am starting to see her in a different light
She asks, "Did you remember to pick up coffee on the way from work?"
I answer, "Yes," but I think, "did you notice just how far we've grown apart in these three weeks

Laura and I are planting flowers going by the almanac
She's digging deep but I'm noticing the walls begin to crack
"I think they'll bloom this year"
I mutter something back about the rain
But what I mean to say is how long did you think we'll go on acting out this tragic play

Laura and I are
Lying in our bed and we're
Lying in our sleep and we're
Lying with our tongues behind our lips, behind our backs, behind
The walls we've put just to keep each other in

Laura and I are tossing frisbee to the upstairs neighbor's dog
We still talk every day but it's hardly what you'd call a dialogue
She says, "your sister called"
"I'll call her back," I yell across the hall
But what I mean to say is
How am I supposed to do what's worst for us when I'm afraid it's best for me

Laura and I are throwing tantrums off the roof because it's fun
It's good to laugh with her but now the glow is missing when we're done
She says, "let's go and catch that band we saw downtown last Saturday"
I go along, but I think
Is this going to bring us any closer to the place we always had in mind

Laura and I meet up for lunch but we share a breakfast plate
She touches me under the table, just like on our second date
I say "I like that blouse"
She blushes, "This old thing?"
But could she really mean to say that she is truly happy with the way that things turned out for us in our fractured fairy tale

Laura and I are going to stay together 'till the very end

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