Paint By Numbers

Stunning from her first step
Running for the exit
Catching up to your imagination
As you fumble for hello

Driving home by instinct
Counting minutes 'til you
Call the number written on your
Hand and as you fall asleep, the phone

And you sit back and
enjoy ... the storm before the calm

Focus on the details
Früvous on the stereo
As you compile the authors[1], parks
And hours that you'd like to share

Bring the bare essentials
Throw them in the back seat
Pace yourself, there's so much
Colorado and so little time to lose

And you sit back and
Enjoy... the storm before the calm

Color your sky green and
Put a dollar in the pay phone
Walk the blue grass, take an art class
Have somebody hold your calls
See a red door, stay in bed more,
Use your head a little
Less - stop the presses, give a
Royal wave good bye
To your paint-by-numbers life

Don't just carpe diem
Squeeze it so hard that it coughs
Look it in the eye and
Linger for a while[2] before you go

And you sit back and
Enjoy... the storm before the calm

  1. I once (and only once) attempted a cover of Früvous' My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors at a performance. While not directly violating my personal rule-of-three for open mic covers, it's a trapeze act I won't be attempting again soon. ↩︎

  2. Eye contact. Allie Brosh's rule #2. ↩︎

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