San Diego

The classified I wrote is
Finally going to run this Sunday, and
And there's going to be no going back this time

I'm selling off the table
And the dishes and the pressure
And the sofa where you fell asleep,
So tired in my arms

I think it's finally time
I move to San Diego
Because my dreams are going unfulfilled
In this old, tired town
I think it's finally time
I move to San Diego
And allow this alienation
To feel normal for a while

I think I'll call and leave a message
For my mother, just to let her
Know that I have landed and to
Make her think that I'm alright

I'll take my brand new copy
Of that old CD we used to
Fall asleep to
Just to keep me up at night

I hear that Java Joe's runs
Open mic on Tuesdays
And it won't be date night,
But I think it might just help me pass the time

I think I may have lost you somewhere inbetween
The Big Easy and the Big Apple
But if you ever find yourself in San Diego
You'll know where to find me
Playing songs I wrote about you
To the surfer girls and the Charger fans
On Mission Beach, hoping one of
Them might recognize the love I felt
The days we walked the snowy streets of the city we once ruled

One day I think I might find myself missing
All the snowball fights that used to break out
In the parking lots behind
My junior high

One day I might even find myself
Wishing I was
Driving by the landmarks of our
Love affair just one more time

And I think that you know
Beyond the slightest shadow
Of a reasonable doubt that I will
Always be there ready for you

But the only thing that I can
Reasonably wait for is that
Big, bright, yellow moving truck
That's pulling up to my front door

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