She Reads Vonnegut

If you're wondering about the one thing
That I want to do with you right now
It's not what you think, I'm afraid to blink
You're a card trick, I'm amazed by your reveals
Oh yeah, you give me all the feels....

Will this year of first kisses never end?

It was winter, I was into her
She had drumsticks and a scorpion tattoo [1]
At the ball park, when it got dark,
I held her hand and then her face was tangent mine
Sublime, sweeter than Clementine[2]....

Roller skating, she's debating
About getting serious, ain't that how grown-ups act?
She's a trollop[3], and I fall up
I get nervous when she walks into the room
I'm stunned, she has me outspoken, out-gunned[4]....

She reads Vonnegut, and I want to get
Down off the shelf and in between her fingertips
I don't hurt, I ache
But make no mistake
When we touch, it's like volcanoes in our blood
It boils, my bamboo heart[5] uncoils...

  1. If there could be animated tattoos, this would be the one scorpion tattoo ↩︎

  2. Anyone else maintain a crush on Kate Winslet after seeing Eternal Sunshine? Just me? OK. ↩︎

  3. a term of endearment chez nous, unlike "Princess" ↩︎

  4. In honor of my attempt at LMM rhyming trollop with fall up.... chick-a-plao ↩︎

  5. bambooheart
    Image courtesy ↩︎

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