The Annotated Scandal Liner Notes

The Annotated Scandal Liner Notes

Get the full album on Bandcamp! Thanks to: MCR, EV, OM, LN, NS, MM, BH, SP, BF, BA. Your love and support, humor and needling, cuddles and shenanigans make it all possible and worthwhile. ❤️❤️❤️

She Reads Vonnegut / Listen to this if you like the first-kiss feeling as much as I do. Rhyme most worthy of Lin Manuel Miranda: trollop / fall up.

Bons Vivants / Listen to this if you have ever loved and lost. Best rhyme: want / haunt / bon vivant.

Cupid / Listen if you can't decide between flight and invisibility. Best extended rhyme: Cupid/stupid/new kid.

The Ballad of Haggis McMuffin / Listen to this if you like sweet potato fries or Shakesperian space operas. Best rhyme split across verse and chorus: take my hand / on demand.

Owl, Owl / Listen if you really REALLY want to get to know Luke, he co-wrote this one. Best name-drop: Queen.

Sex Change Romance / Listen if you've ever compromised on a movie. Best name drop: Warrant.

Twins / Listen if you don't immediately assume twins look the same, or even come with the same parts. Best PG-rated double-entendre: the flag line.

Box of Kittens / Listen if you've ever peed on a stick. Best near-rhyme: gravity / therapy.

Laura and I / Listen if you've ever hoped against hope that the end of the affair wasn't near, even though you knew it was. Best rhyme: almanac / begin to crack.