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Gate 27C at O'Hare

You can fly as far as you want to, I'll be waiting for you at gate 27-C
Terminal Love

In 1997, I acquired two hobbies: picking up my girlfriend at ORD and writing songs. That year yielded the Baltimore Sun/Terminal Love/Laura & I trilogy (which should not be mentioned as a trilogy without its Good In Bed postscript), a surprise career change to information security, and my first solo acoustic performance since giving the violin up for volleyball (sorry, mom). 2011 has turned into a year of transitions, but I'm still writing songs, going through an unexpected career change in information security and, ironically, finding myself spending a lot of time at ORD. Finally, I'm doing one last show in Chicagoland before the big move. Join me at Brothers K Coffee at 8:00 PM on Saturday, May 21st, for the farewell show. The wonderful Emily White opens.

Update: this just in, videos from the show!

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